Mila milk made by Latte Montagna Alto Adige is a special treat: 100% GMO-free, 100% from happy cows and 100% of the special taste of South Tyrol. We, the Mila milk farmers, take loving care of our cows and give them the best food and fresh mountain spring water. Together with the fragrant mountain air, the environment provides the optimal conditions for producing mountain milk with a special taste.

Raw milk is produced, collected, and delivered to the Mila Latte Montagna Alto Adige plants on a daily basis, 365 days per year. There the milk is first and foremost checked for quality. The milk is then pasteurized, homogenized, and skimmed.

For UHT milk (UHT stands for “ultra high temperature”), the milk is superheated for 4 seconds to a temperature of 135°C and then cooled immediately. This process preserves the milk for 90 days. Pasteurization and homogenization do not affect the quality of milk. However, about one-fifth of the vitamins are lost from the ultra high temperature process.

The Mila raw milk is GMO-free and has a fat content of about 4%. 3.5% of milk is proteins, 4.8% carbohydrates, and 0.7% trace elements. The rest, around 87%, is water.

Treat yourself to: cow’s milk, lactose-free milk and goat’s milk by Mila.