Mozzarella Fior di Latte


The high-quality Mozzarella Fior di Latte by Mila is made of fresh South Tyrolean hay milk and natural ingredients. The production, inspired by Italian tradition, provides the mozzarella cheese with its full-bodied, fresh taste and its typical consistency with a soft heart.

Instead of citric acid, Mila uses only lactic cultures, which is a quality feature and contributes to the distinctive fibrous texture and a thin crust on the outside.

Nutritional facts

Nutritional information for 100 g/ml 100 ml
Energy 930 kJ / 224 kcal
Fat 17 g
of which saturates 11 g
Carbohydrates 0,7 g
of which sugar < 0,5 g
Protein 17 g
Salt 0.5 g

Southtyrolean hay milk



Hay milk
Cow’s milk, pasteurized

Available sizes

125 g 125 g


How to enjoy it?

Mozzarella should not be enjoyed cold but should rest at room temperature for half an hour to allow its delicate flavors to develop. During this time, it can remain in its packaging. Alternatively, it can also be placed in lukewarm water together with the packaging.


Pumpkin, plum and mozzarella skewers


Mediterranean vegetable ratatouille with mozzarella and basil


Mozzarella in carrozza (fried mozzarella sandwiches)

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