Tyrolean milk

Our mountain fresh milk originates where the pastures are steep and nature determines the daily rhythm. The 2,200 Mila farmers passionately run their businesses on farms which are mostly over 1,000 meters above sea level.

South Tyrol - a land of contrasts

What characterizes us

Rugged cliffs and fruitful terrain, a Mediterranean way of life and alpine traditions, lively valleys and secluded farms – that is South Tyrol. The South Tyrolean mountain farmers have looked after this unique cultural landscape for generations.

Collection areas

No matter the weather, wind, rain or snow the fresh milk is collected daily. Our collection trucks are on their way all over South Tyrol, from Val Venosta to the Val Passiria, Val Sarentino, Bassa Atesina, Val d’Ega to the Val Badia, Val Pusteria and Valle Aurina.

365 days a year
milk collection

100% South Tyrolean milk

Passionate mountain farmers

Together we are strong – our 2,200 mountain farmers are the foothold of the cooperative


per farm

Facts & Numbers

  • 80% of the South Tyrolean farms are over 1,000 meters above sea level

  • most of the farms are being managed in third to fourth generations

  • more than 30% of the South Tyrolean farms have been family-owned for over 200 years

Mountain farming with tradition

Our mountain farmers have long looked after meadows and alpine pastures with real care and dedication. They have cultivated the farmlands and thereby secured the preservation of South Tyrolean tradition and the dairy industry. Where it’s too steep for machines to handle, on the small farms with an average of 14 cows, the daily work is still done by hand.


Experience Farming!

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Daily work, daily bread err... milk

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Promise of quality

targeted quality control and analyses
qualified employees
certified raw materials, processes and products
transparent and full traceability
farm advice and controls through a veterinarian

Quality from South Tyrol

We fulfill the highest international food standards to ensure the reliable high quality of each single product – this guarantees maximum foodstuff security. Special criteria apply for products with the organic and GMO-free seals, for those with a certificate of Halal, Kosher and hay milk as well as the Stelvio PDO cheese.

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From the first to the last drop

Cows, livestock farming, feeding

"Alma", "Sun" or "Babsi" – we know our cows by name!


Animal welfare as a concern close to our hearts

Healthy cows that receive good feed give the best milk. For example, the feeds used are free of genetic engineering. In addition, the number of cows is adapted to the grazing area. In spring and autumn, pasture in many places forms an optimal forage base for milk production. It is widespread in South Tyrol and takes place from April to June, or September to November. It is also common to drive cattle onto alpine pastures.

Hay milk - traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG)


Traditionally good

The sustainable animal feed of the cows in harmony with nature is the main focus for the production of our hay milk. Just as it has been practiced for ages in the Alpine region, it‘s adapted to the seasons. Fresh grasses, meadow herbs, and hay are on the menu as well as a small amount of cereals.

our hay milk products

We completely avoid silage feed




Full-flavored, fresh and natural taste


Rich in valuable ingredients


Traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG)


Fresh grasses, meadow herbs, hay & grains

Regulation of hay milk production

The European Union has officially labeled hay milk as a traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG). By doing that its production is regulated down to the smallest detail and it‘s strictly controlled. For example, the proportion of roughage (i.e. hay, straw, chaff) in the annual ration must be at least 75% of the dry matter. The full hay milk regulative can be found on the EU website:

EU implementing regulation 2016/304
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