Daily work, daily bread err... milk

A portrait of the Niedermairhof farm in Montetrumes near Castelbello


Like all of the 2,200 Mila mountain farmers, beef and dairy farming is how Ernst’s family makes a living on the dry sunny mountain. A "Hofschank" (a farmhouse tavern) and farm shop selling agricultural products provide additional income for Annemarie, Reinhard, Daniela and Tamara.

The Niedermairhof farm in Montetrumes near Castelbello first appeared in the records in the 13th century. The Kaserers bought it in 1935, and since then the family has dedicated itself to taking care of the 6 hectare cultural property. This is the territory of Ernst, the farmer, who, in addition to working on his farm, is also politically active for the farmers’ union, the local council and the village.


His son, Reinhard, is the chairman of a Tyrolean Grey Cattle Young Breeders’ Association and among his preferred jobs are the meat processing as well as working in the barn and the farmhouse tavern. The many animals on the farm, which, in addition to Tyrolean Grey Cattle, include pigs, sheep, hares, hens and even peacocks, are a particular delight for the children of Daniela, who is passionate about taking care of them all.


There is always plenty to do on the farm and the youngest, Tamara, loves to get involved too, even giving up her free time to do so, since working on the farm gives her so much fulfilment. Generally, you can see the satisfaction of every family member, as it simply makes them happy to work in and with nature, above all when the result, and especially the milk and produce made from it, is so highly valued by so many.


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