Following the hay milk trail!

Traditionally good


Back to the roots: The sustainable animal feed of the cows in harmony with nature is the main focus for the production of our hay milk. It is adapted to the seasons and promotes the biodiversity of grasses and herbs on the meadows and alpine pastures. In this way, hay milk production makes a significant contribution to the maintenance of South Tyrol's cultural landscape.

The cows are traditionally fed with fresh grasses, meadow herbs, and hay, as well as with a small amount of cereals. Silage feed, on the other hand, is completely avoided. For example, the proportion of roughage (i.e. hay, straw, chaff) in the annual ration must be at least 75% of the dry matter. Since hay milk has been labeled a traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG) by the European Union, its production is regulated down to the smallest detail and is strictly controlled.


Mila hay milk

The full flavor, fresh and natural taste as well as the high level of valuable ingredients make our hay milk a very high-quality product. It is delivered daily and of course GMO-free, just like all our products. In addition to our fresh and the organic hay milk, our hay milk “longer lasting” has become part of the Mila product range, as whole milk and semi-skinned milk as well as in the lactose-free version.


Mila hay milk yogurt

Our hay milk yogurt is made of 100% pasteurized South Tyrolean hay milk. The new varieties lemon-basil seeds, mango-hibiscus, honey-hemp seeds and red currant-mint with -30% sugar contain special ingredients that ensure an authentic taste experience. Bottled in a recyclable paper cup, the unique combinations of flavors are deliciously creamy.

Thanks to the special recipe, the full-flavored plain hay milk yogurt Natural is tasty and extra creamy, as well. It is a real treat, whether spooned straight from the cup, combined with muesli and fruits for breakfast or to refine recipes. Therefore, our hay milk yogurt easily finds its way into the shopping carts.


Mila mozzarella

Moreover, our Mozzarella - Fior di Latte joins the Mila hay-milk product range. The mozzarella cheese is made from high-quality hay milk and natural ingredients. It impresses with its full-bodied, fresh taste and the typical texture with a thin crust on the outside and a soft heart on the inside.

Where does the hay milk come from?

The Mila hay milk stems solely from South Tyrolean mountain farms, from San Genesio, Val Sarentino, Val Pusteria and Val Venosta; collected 365 days a year. One of our hay milk farmers is Georg. For him, the alarm clock rings early on the "Oberputzerhof" farm in Pozza in Val Sarentino, because after all, nine hungry gray cattle dames are waiting in the barn. At nearly 1,500 m above sea level – this is where the Mila hay milk is made.

“The hay milk”, adds Georg “is the traditional form of milk collection in the alpine region. We value animal feed of the cows that is in harmony with nature.” After he’s milked the cows he brings his hay milk and that of his neighbors to the collection point down in the valley, every day. “I’m a passionate farmer. It’s a beautiful, but obviously often difficult, working with nature. The way our family sticks together and helps each other out is crucial as well, otherwise a farm like ours couldn’t survive”, Georg explains.


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