Natural idyll at 1,280 meters above sea level

A portrait of the Wieserhof farm in Nova Ponente


Farmers Albert and Maria lovingly tend their 30 dairy cows, 15 heifers, 40 hens and a couple of pigs 365 days a year. Of course their children, Johanna, Markus and Michael give them a hand with everything.

Up here at 1,280 meters above sea level the area surrounding the Wieserhof farm is a real natural idyll. Lush meadows with fresh herbs are the secret to why the cows’ milk tastes so very good. There has been a farm here for over 600 years and since 1640 it has belonged to the Mittermair family which has dedicated itself heart and soul to preserving the dairy industry and agriculture. The enthusiasm for their daily work is written all over the faces of the family members. Albert especially, who describes himself as a full-blooded farmer, sings its praises to the skies.


And his wife, Maria, cannot imagine doing another job or living a different way of life. Markus, their son, is fully aware of the responsibility that he has of one day running the farm and works at doing justice to this role with commitment and all of his knowledge.


Even as a little girl, Johanna, their daughter, was completely fascinated by the life and work on the farm, which is why it is especially important to her to lend a hardworking hand. The nephew, Michael, is also very happy to let everything else drop when it is time for haymaking in the summer. In any case, summer is the time of year when there is the most work to be done at the Wieserhof, since in addition to the harvest there are also guests to be taken care of in the farm’s three holiday apartments where the family gives them a glimpse behind the scenes of life on the farm.


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