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Farmer Siegried and her joy of being a farmer


Siegried lives in Aldino, is a passionate dairy farmer and runs the "Wöserhof" farm together with her husband and three children. Close to 20 dairy cows are tended to everyday at the mountain farm, which lies 1,500 m above sea level. 

"Helping on a daily basis to produce valuable nourishment, to care for our cultural landscape and to shape the farm life fills me with so much happiness", says the South Tyrolean "Farmer of the year 2020".

As a very active and innovative farmer, she places a lot of value on further education and has been touring for years as a milk ambassador through the country’s primary schools. She tells the children about her life on the farm, with nature and the animals, talks about the way milk is made, the further processing and refinement of the raw product and its ingredients. "The excitement and happiness in the eyes of the children is always so nice to see, and it underlines my job as an ambassador. In any case, the children love the tastings and experiencing a farm with all their senses", states the farmer. With this very important occupation she can teach the children about agriculture, nutrition and the processing of food, and stress the value of local produce.

Besides her work on a farm and in schools, Siegried has many other duties that she carries out with real commitment: she’s a local farmer from Aldino, vice regional farmer of Bassa Atesina, member in the parish council group ‘marriage and family’ and a part of the Südtirol Balance program. Siegried loves the work on the farm, the connection with the outdoors, to the animals and to the plants, and her volunteer work. "As farmers, we have to appreciate our life on the farm and our valuable products, then we can convey the positive aspects of our agriculture to others. Our role is to produce food, to carry on the life and business of a farm, even when it’s difficult and brings hardships with it. It’s worth it, and with it we strengthen the future for our children, as well as our agriculture and our country!", according to Siegried.

Photo: ©Armin Huber

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