"Good things take time", that's why we take the time we need to make our favourite cheeses. Several months can pass before a Mila cheese is properly ripened. For this he has certainly reached his full taste and the desired consistency.

Product characteristics

from pastorized milk
lactose free
gluten free

How our cheese is made

In order to produce Mila cheese, 100% GMO-free raw milk is first tested for quality and then pasteurized. Selected cheese cultures and natural rennet are then added to the milk. The rennet breaks up the milk protein casein, and then the milk thickens and curdles. When the curd has reached a state of readiness called a “clean break”, it is sliced and cut up. The whey is then drained off and the curd is pressed and formed into cakes. The cakes are then immersed in a salt bath for anywhere from 1 hour to several days. Most cheeses are then placed inside red wax, though others are aged further by adding fungal cultures. The cheeses ripen at different temperatures for several months depending on the type of cheese. The cakes are turned numeorus times and brushed during this period. The ripening process gives each cheese its typical organoleptic characteristics.