Knows what really matters

Although still relatively young in years, she works on her parents’ Niedristhof farm in Percha with the eagerness of an experienced farmer. “When you grow up like I did, you soon get to know with every movement and every animal. Nobody can take that kind of knowledge away from me.”



Niedristhof farm in Aschbach near Percha

Niedristhof farm in Aschbach is situated at an elevation of 1,300 m on the sunny side of the Pustertal Valley. A farm called Niedristhof was mentioned back in the 13th century. In the 16th century the area was divided, and the name Nidrist appeared for the first time. Today the Niederwolfsgruber family farms the stately farm with eight hectares of grassland and 15 cows. They also run an inn on the farm.

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