Tradition, quality and vibrant customs

A portrait of the Niedristhof farm in Sopranessano near Perca


Every member of the Niederwolfsgruber family, consisting of Margareth, Paul, Philipp, Jakob and Sarah, is devoted to maintaining their lovely farm with its 8 hectares of grassland, 15 cows and farmhouse tavern.

The Niedristhof farm can be found on the sunny side of the Val Pusteria, more precisely at 1,300 meters above sea level, in Sopranessano near Perca. Tradition is hugely important here and today many dishes and products are still made in the same way as they have been for generations. The farmer, Paul, and his wife, Margareth, are especially proud of their farm oven, where they bake delicious rye bread.


Their son, Philipp, who has grown up among the many animals on the family farm, is a trained butcher and for this reason places particular value on species-appropriate animal husbandry, since from being a very young child he has learned to treat them with respect. His sister Sarah, too, is very familiar with every animal and knows every step of the job, and although she is still very young, works with plenty of conviction and enthusiasm.


Above all, this enthusiasm and hard work can be seen in the quality of the milk, which is collected 365 days a year for further processing, no matter the weather. In winter it is of course really hard to roll out of a warm bed every single day so early in the morning to see to the cattle in the barn. Nevertheless the result - happy cows and high quality milk - more than makes up for the inconvenience. These are results to be proud of, and the whole farm has a very well-kept, clean appearance. The Niederwolfsgruber family is proud of their farm and the work that they do and wants to continue to preserve and pass on the tradition.


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The mountain farmers we show on our packaging are real. They are the heart and soul of Mila. That’s why you’ll find them on various products.


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