South Tyrol is Italy’s northernmost province and lies on the southern side of the Alps, surrounded by a fantastic mountain panorama. The cohabitation of German, Italian and Ladin characterizes the country and its culture, where farmers converse in over 40 german dialects. The mild climate, the fertile soil and the Alpine landscape, which influences the production of milk and apples as well as wine and smoked ham to seeming perfection, are just a few examples. Farmers with years of experience at their disposal, capable of making a living in the steepest of regions, also play a role.
After all, the people of South Tyrol and their culture make the difference. It is the meeting place of the three languages, a mixture of southern ease and rural sense of Tradition and the influence of true South Tyrolean personalities and luminaries that combined to shape this province.

Economically, the country has long been dominated almost exclusively by agriculture. Since the second half of the 20th century, service sectors such as tourism and trade have played an important role as well. In the countryside, however, life is still dominated by farming: in the warmer regions grapes and apples are grown, in the mountain villages, where grazing cows complete the bucolic scene, farms with livestock dominate the landscape. An integral part of the South Tyrolean working clothes is the blue “Firtig”, the most characteristic piece of clothing worn by South Tyrol’s farmers.

Dairy farmers in South Tyrol
About 5,000 families earn their livelihood as dairy farmers, often in combination with running a sideline business such as a farm inn, farm shop or holiday homes. These people are very Special, through their work they help to preserve the cultural landscape while maintaining the natural one at the same time. The farmers are also very committed to traditions and making a valuable contribution to the preservation of native folkways.
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