South Tyrol is the northernmost province of Italy and is situated on the south side of the Alps, surrounded by a fantastic mountain panorama. The interplay of German, Italian and Ladin characterizes the country and its culture, and over 40 dialects are spoken. The mild climate, the fertile soil and the alpine landscapes ensure that milk and apples as well as wine and bacon can be produced here. Added to this is the many years of experience of the farmers, who know how to farm even in the steepest areas.
In the end, however, it is the people and their culture that make South Tyrol what it is: It is the meeting of the three language groups, the mixture of southern serenity and farming tradition and the influence of South Tyrolean characters and celebrities that have helped shape the country.

For a long time, the economy of the country was almost exclusively shaped by agriculture. Since the second half of the 20th century, service sectors such as tourism and trade have played an equally important role. However, life in the rural area is still dominated by farming: In the warmer areas, grapes and apples are grown in particular, while in the mountain villages, where cows graze on the meadows, farms with livestock dominate the village scene.

Dairy farmers in South Tyrol
More than 5,000 families earn their living as dairy farmers, often in combination with a sideline job consisting of a wine tavern, farm shop and farm holidays. These people are very special people; through their work they contribute to the preservation of the cultural landscape and care for nature.