Stefano Cavada

Food blogger by trade – Cook by passion


Born and raised in South Tyrol in 1991, Stefano Cavada has been cooking since his childhood, producing traditional recipes, in a modern interpretation way. After stays in London and Paris, he returned to his home and opened a YouTube cooking channel to establish himself as food blogger and influencer in Italy. In 2018 his website went online and Stefano landed with his first cooking program on TV. In the meantime, he’s also a successful cookbook author and is already working on his second cookbook.

The connection with his homeland is huge, and the quality products that South Tyrol produces play a central role in his cuisine. "I am truly fortunate to be born and raised in South Tyrol with its cultural richness, its quality products and traditional recipes. Our fridge was always filled with dairy products. Products like fresh milk, that I drank as a child with a bit of cocoa, the butter that I spread on my toast, or the yogurt that I ate as a dessert after dinner all are an important part of that life", as Cavada states.

The collaboration with Mila began in 2017 when Stefano Cavada made a significant contribution to the product launch of Mila SKYR. A partnership came to life, that in the meantime has become an integral part of everyday life for both. "The quality, that distinguishes Mila, has always taught me to recognize and buy good and high-value products. I’ve been working for several years with Mila, developing recipes and photos, I‘m involved in introducing new products, and very happy about that (and more than a little proud of that too 😊)!", says Stefano Cavada with a smile.

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