Our farmers are our competitive strength
We farmers supply the most important raw material - milk. This comes 100% from South Tyrol, is GMO-free, is delivered daily and processed within 24 hours. The process guarantees absolute freshness, quality dairy delicacies, and healthy enjoyment. On the whole, Mila offers the most complete and diversified product range of all South Tyrolean dairy cooperatives.
And since we are both the farmers and the owners of the company, we pay strict attention to the quality of milk. So we pay out the best possible price for the milk. In this way we can ensure the survival of both our farms and Mila Latte Montagna Alto Adige in equal measure.

We generate enthusiasm among our customers and consumers

We build long-term customer relationships. The way we deal with people is professional and friendly; it is a balanced partnership of “give” and “take”. Mila wins over and delights customers with tasty, high-quality, natural products made from mountain milk. The Mila product range is very extensive and conforms to customer tastes.

Our employees are our ambassadors

Each employee represents the company and the Mila brand to the outside world. Our company culture is professional, respectful and open. Latte Montagna Alto Adige supports the personal development of individuals. In return, each employee is motivated to actively participate.

Our quality is the basis for an enjoyable experience
Quality products require high-quality raw materials. We farmers supply these on a daily basis. Thanks to our safe and efficient processes and our innovative working methods, the raw milk is processed into delicious products.

Our homeland - South Tyrol

We are actively committed to the preservation of the natural and cultural landscape of South Tyrol and to strengthening the regional economy. We use resources economically and efficiently. The public regards us as an important local food producer and major regional employer.

Our suppliers - our partners

We stand for reliability, honesty and fairness. We use our suppliers’ ingenuity and creativity to improve ourselves. It is for this reason that we have a close cooperation with them and prefer regional suppliers wherever possible.