We are one big family of 2,600 South Tyrolean mountain farmers, 400 employees at two plants, and our loyal partners. The farms of the Mila farmers are very small as they have an average of only 12 cows per cowshed.

We, the farmers, are both the suppliers and owners of the cooperative. As suppliers, we provide around 200 million kilograms of raw milk every year, which is processed within 24 hours. The products are sold in the Trentino-South Tyrol region, the rest of Italy and abroad. This gives us an annual turnover of over EUR 200 million. The cooperative’s net profit is distributed among us through the milk price.
Mila - meaning the Latte Montagna Alto Adige Soc. Agr. Coop. cooperative - is, with its 2,600 members, which is equivalent to about half of the dairy farmers in South Tyrol, the most important milk cooperative in the country and one of the largest manufacturers of mascarpone in the world.