Semi hard cheese Stelvio PDO

This cheese is enclosed by a firm, dry, light to dark yellow rind. The inside of the cheese is pale to straw yellow and embellished with scattered, evenly distributed round holes. Its consistency in the mouth is very soft and pleasant, the smell of the cheese is reminiscent of milky, toasted and nutty notes. The taste of the "Stelvio" is intense and presents a dominant flavour. Stelvio is the first and only South Tyrolean cheese to receive a PDO protection (protected designation of origin). The Stelvio PDO may only be produced by Mila/Latte Montagna Alto Adige and the Burgusio dairy in Val Venosta, close to the Stelvio pass.

Nutritional information for 100 g/ml

1501 kJ/362 kcal
30 g
of which saturates
21 g
0 g
of which sugar
0 g
of which lactose
< 0,1 g
23 g
1,9 g