Mountain freshness in the blood

A portrait of the Wiesemannhof farm in Anterselva


The very heart of the Wiesemannhof farm are the cows, which in summer graze on the lush green meadows all around and in winter are fed on the hay from the farm’s own pastures. Albina, Peter, Manuel and Nadja work extremely hard to produce the best milk and at the same time, through their efforts, to care for the alpine landscape.

The alpine summer begins for the family at 2,000 meters above sea level high up on the Grente Alp in the Anterselva mountains. This is where an abundance of fragrant mountain herbs grow in the meadows, which are mown, dried to hay and finally fed to the cows in winter. The calves spend the entire summer on the pasture, where Manuel regularly checks that everything is ok.


Even though his partner Nadja was not originally involved in agriculture, she experiences working on the farm to be very rewarding.

Thanks to the tireless dedication of the two of them, Manuel's mother, Albina, is now able to devote more of her time to the five holiday apartments and their guests. She welcomes them enthusiastically and gives them a valuable insight into life with cows, hens, cats, dogs and even two woolly pigs.


Located at 1,250 meters above sea level, the Wiesemannhof farm has now been cultivated by the Oberhauser family for 13 generations. It is a real jewel and has been a certified organic farm for several years now. No wonder that everyone puts their heart and soul into continuing to run the family farm in the traditional way and contributing to the preservation of the South Tyrolean cultural landscape.

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