Mila My High Protein Yogurt

Mila's high protein products for a balanced diet


When talking about weight loss and fitness, two topics quickly come up: sports and a healthy diet. Athletes and sports enthusiasts do not only give each other tips on individual workouts or the best gym in the area but also talk about their favorite high protein foods to support muscle growth and to stay in shape. They are looking for functional products that fit their lifestyle, give them power and energy and taste delicious.


Mila My High Protein Yogurt

The full-flavored Mila My High Protein Yogurt contains plenty of protein. Made of 100% South Tyrolean milk, it contains no fat and sweeteners. With 160 grams, it is the perfect snack to recharge the batteries at the end of a mountain hike, to supply body and muscles with protein after a mountain bike tour or to refuel after an intense training session while relaxing on the sofa. Mila’s protein yogurt contributes to a balanced and protein-rich diet not only after sports, but also when eaten for breakfast or in a variety of recipes.

The protein content of the vanilla and chocolate varieties reaches 16 g of protein per cup, while the natural variety contains 18 g of protein per cup. All three have one thing in common: they are not only lactose-free, but also a well-deserved and delicious reward after a workout session.


One of the latest nutrition trends: protein foods

Andrea Pölzl, Team Leader Product Management, knows everything there is to know about dairy products and is not only an expert when it comes to the existing Mila assortment, she also keeps a close eye on market trends and knows which new products are currently in great demand. In this interview, she reveals why high-protein products are trending right now and what distinguishes Mila's My High Protein Yogurt from similar products.

Andrea, what inspired Mila to develop a protein yogurt?

“We see a very strong market trend towards protein food and beverages. Today, there are high-protein products in many different categories, and in the last few years consumers have become increasingly focused on a diet which is rich in protein. Therefore, we listened to the market and created a high-quality yogurt made with natural proteins from 100% South Tyrolean milk - the first protein yogurt made exclusively from local milk that is also produced in South Tyrol, Italy."

How do you obtain the high amount of protein in this yogurt? Through a special production process?

“Exactly, we produce our yogurt through concentration, more precisely through ultrafiltration. This means that water is removed and the protein content as well as the dry matter are concentrated, preserving all the protein in the product. Thanks to the gentle process, this type of production delivers excellent product quality, improved yogurt texture and stability and results in a smooth mouthfeel and glossy appearance.

Some other brands add milk powder to their protein products to raise the protein content, while we increase the amount of milk used in the production of the yogurt and thereby obtain a natural product with no additives."

Why are protein products so popular right now?

“Greek yogurt and other concentrated yogurt products such as quark and SKYR have served as a natural food source for centuries. Recently, their high protein content, healthy image and pleasantly fermented taste have almost turned them into superfoods among health-conscious consumers.

Concentrated yogurt products are also excellent for cooking in both sweet and savory recipes, for instance, as ingredients for sauces and dips, desserts and pastries. Protein foods typically contain an even higher percentage of protein than SKYR and Greek yogurt, and therefore address consumers' needs for healthy and nutritious diets even more specifically, with products that satiate well."


What is so special about Mila’s protein yogurt?

"Our protein yogurt is made of 100% South Tyrolean mountain milk, without the addition of sweeteners and with a natural taste!"

Who should definitely try and enjoy protein products? 😉

"All fitness fans, athletes and people who like to eat healthy and yet do not want to compromise on taste, quality and the origin of the ingredients! 😊"


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