Dedication, diligence and a smile on the face

A portrait of the Gschloarhof farm in Collepietra


An average of 14 cows live on our dairy farmer’s farms. That is exactly how many cows can also be found in the barn of the Lunger family at an altitude of almost 1,000 meters. Every day, they work with dedication to create the best conditions for the animals and their milk.

Kevin and his family are the third generation to run the Gschloarhof farm in Collepietra, near Bolzano. He lives there together with his wife Julia, their three sons and grandfather Ferdinand. In addition to his responsibilities at home, Kevin also finds time to help the town by carrying out maintenance tasks and various other jobs.


Along with Kevin and Julia, the youngest members of the family, Alex and Lukas, also share the great enthusiasm for the life on the farm. They particularly enjoy devoting themselves to the animals. Whether  it is the chickens, rabbits or ducks, they lovingly care for each and every animal and make sure they have everything they need.


Julia is a passionate farmer. She is the driving force and good soul of the Gschloarhof farm, where you can see her love of agriculture and her enthusiasm for gardening and decorating in every corner. She takes care of the garden and ensures that her home is surrounded by fragrant herbs and delicious vegetables. In addition, Julia is involved in a local agricultural organization as a volunteer and active member.


The Gschloarhof farm: Characterized by pride, unity and the pursuit of the highest milk quality, the Lunger family will continue to run their farm successfully, with a lot of hard work and with an ever-present smile on their faces.


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