Basque delegation visiting Mila


54 members of the "Federacion de Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Euskadi" have visited our cooperative Mila in Bolzano on occasion of an educational roadtrip throughout Italy. The Basque country in its Spanish part has more or less the same territorial extension like South Tyrol, but four times its population. It was very easy for the visitors to understand why: South Tyrol is a mainly mountaineous area in which majority of population lives in the relatively small valleys on an altitude between 200 and 1.200 metres. On the other hand over 64,5% of the territory are over 1.500 meters and weakly populated. Therefore the visitors showed great interest in our many dairy products which are made of real mountain milk. They were also impressed by the hard conditions of production to be faced daily by the Mila farmers. The South Tyrolean milk production stands in clear contrast to that of the Basque country in which farms with several hundred animals are not a exception but rather the rule. What was also fascinating for the delegation from the Basque country was the high automation degree of Mila yogurt production and the huge logistic and daily effort of Mila milk collection at 2.700 Mila farmers. After the guided Mila tour the group visited the Mila farmer Vieiderhof in Steinegg/Collepietra where they found a perfectly managed stable with carefully reared cattle and homegrown forage.
As a sign of gratitude the delegation handed to our Mila farmer a premium selection wine of the La Rioja region around Logrono. It was a well organized day which met the happy approval of all participants.

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