Six delicious flavours, one unique taste
Fruity or plain – how do you prefer your Mila Skyr?
Mila fruit Skyr is normally eaten as it comes, for breakfast or as a snack. Plain Skyr tastes best if you add a little fruit, honey, muesli, dried fruit or whatever takes your fancy. Skyr is also a versatile ingredient in the kitchen and can be used in salads, as a dip or as an ingredient for desserts. 
Mila Skyr · Plain
Mila Skyr Plain

Nutritional information for 100 g
Energy240 kJ / 57 kcal
Fat0,2 g
   of which saturates0,1 g
Carbohydrates4,5 g
   of which sugar3,3 g
Protein9,2 g
Salt0,08 g
· Raspberry
Mila Skyr Raspberry

Nutritional information for 100 g
Energy341 kJ / 80 kcal
Fat0,2 g
   of which saturates0,1 g
Carbohydrates12 g
   of which sugar10 g
Protein7,6 g
Salt0,07 g
· Apricot
Mila Skyr Apricot

Nutritional information for 100 g
Energy339 kJ / 80 kcal
Fat0,2 g
   of which saturates0,1 g
Carbohydrates12 g
   of which sugar11 g
Protein7,5 g
Salt0,07 g
· Blueberry
Mila Skyr Blueberries

Nutritional information for 100 g
Energy339 kJ / 80 kcal
Fat0,2 g
   of which saturates0,1 g
Carbohydrates12 g
   of which sugar10 g
Protein7,5 g
Salt0,07 g
· Vanilla
Mila Skyr Vanilla

Nutritional information for 100 g
Energy361 kJ / 85 kcal
Fat0,2 g
   of which saturates0,1 g
Carbohydrates13 g
   of which sugar11 g
Protein8,0 g
Salt0,07 g
· Mango-Passion fruit
Mila Skyr Mango-Passion fruit

Nutritional information for 100 g
Energy341 kJ / 80 kcal
Fat0,2 g
   of which saturates0,1 g
Carbohydrates12 g
   of which sugar11 g
Protein7,6 g
Salt0,07 g

100% milk from South Tyrol

100% fresh from the mountains – 100% GMO-free – 100% pleasure.

Mila stands for a great variety of tasteful milk products.
Our milk products: Mila offers a great selection of milk products made
with 100% milk from South Tyrol in Northern Italy.
There is also a great choice of lactose-free products and goat milk products.
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Our staff
paul Paul Cheese factory Brunico "Cheese is a fresh milk storage. Every day I take care of this storage."
andreas Andreas Cheese factory Brunico "Every day I go and visit my friends."
helena-cs-italia Helena Customer service "The one who stops improving has stopped being good."
martin-f Martin Mila sales driver in the area of Oltradige and Bassa Tesina "Sometimes my customers do everything with me."
hansjoerg Hansjörg Cheese factory Brunico "As the sleeping beauty they prefer dark and fresh surrounding."
evelyn-aab-region Evelyn Order management "The best thing to do is solving the problems as long as they are still very small."
mascarpone-lovers Mascarpone Lovers Part of the Brunico mascarpone team "We produce the best ingredient for sweeties."
anton2 Anton Cheese factory Brunico "I turn and return my friends many times in order to give them a homogen look on both sides."
andreas2 Andreas Cheese factory Brunico "I decide when the flakes are right, not the machine."
alexander Alexander Cheese factory Brunico "We spend many months together"
lorenz-stecher Lorenz Stecher Cheese master Brunico (retired) "For 24 years I have been cheese master at the Brunico dairy. Me the father of the Pustertaler Cheese? I do not know exactly, but for sure I was not only its cousin."
20160301-102858 Hansjörg Butter production Bolzano "We beat everything. Especially the creamy part of the milk in order to produce the fantastically tasteful Mila butter."
philip Philip Cheese factory Brunico "Sometimes I seem to hear them mature."
dsc-6292 Sabine R&D Bolzano "Trying to match the deep wishes of our consumers is a tremendously interesting thing."
lisa-cs-ausland Lisa Customer service abroad "Details create perfection. But perfection is much more than a detail."
alex Alex Cheese factory Brunico "Cheese needs constant attention."
ursula Ursula Mila shop Brunico "As a cheese sommelier I have a very fine palate."
thomas Thomas Cheese factory Brunico "How great life is for them. They do not pay rent for months."
dsc-6403-2 Hermann & Sepp The Mila "Butterer" "Making butter is pretty sure something we have total control of."
dsc-8021 Karl Resp. Mascarpone team Brunico "The Mila mascarpone is beloved worldwide. As person in charge I know exactly why."
dsc-3908-s Michael cheese dairy Brunico "I and our Granspicchio both have something in common...we both enjoy a long salt bath."
veronika-cs-italia Veronika "Trust me. You are in good hands."
markus-auer Markus Cheese factory Gran Spicchio Brunico "The right PH value is essential for the cheese."
dsc-5922 Evi & Ludwig R&D Brunico "Good cheeses are born by chance, excellent cheeses thanks to true inspiration."
elisabetta-cs-italia Elisabetta Customer Service Italy "...and when I smile, things hardly get serious."
thomas-wein2 Thomas Cheese factory Brunico "They call me Mr Pepper. Without me the pepper cheese would be spicy only inside."
gottlieb Gottlieb Reception of milk tanks "No milk tank can go past me. No milk test can go past our laboratory."
luis-ainh2 Luis Mila sales driver in the Bolzano and Val Sarentino area "I am one of the 30 Mila night hawks. When everybody is still sleeping, I have already distributed the tasteful Mila products."
julian Julian Cheese factory Brunico "With the rennet enzyme I bring the milk to coagulate. Now the cheese making process really starts."
davide-resp-trade-marketing Davide Resp. Trade Marketing "I keep constant track of the needs of our business partners and satisfy them one by one."
hans Hans Cheese factory Brunico "The wine cheese gets the best Lagrein wine. It deserves it."
dsc-5986 Klaus cheese dairy Brunico "Cheesemaking is my daily business for 40 years up to now."
oswald-thoeni Oswald Thöni Cheese master in Bolzano (retired) "For 27 years I was Mila cheese master. Me the father of the Stelvio PDO? If it is not me then the Stelvio is an orphan."
sabrina-trade-marketing Sabrina Trade Marketing "The best ideas come to my mind when I imagine to be my own customer."
molling-stecher-oberhollenzer Christian, Lorenz & Michael Cheese artists "We were here more than 20 years ago and we still are."
albert Albert Cheese factory Brunico "I am in a good mood because the cheese cultures are doing their job well"
heinrich-seeb2 Heinrich Mila sales driver in the Bolzano area "I know every alley of Bolzano. Five times a week I deliver our Mila products to every shop, bakery and market of this city."
nora-cs-ausland Nora Customer service abroad "I do not think of what has been done but of what has to be done."
dsc-5964 Florian in charge of cheese dairy Brunico "As our farmer takes daily care of our cows, so do we with our cheese creations."
alois Alois Cheese factory Brunico "I feel like a babysitter for high quality cheese."
annelies Annelise Mila reception "Every Friday it's me to welcome you."
besnik Besnik Mila night hawk for the fresh milk delivery "I love my job as Mila night hawk. When the day still so young and the milk so fresh..."
marion-aaw-region-und-cs-italia Marion Order management and customer service "If you do not want to stop loving your customers, you must do them good."
dsc-7222-s Mila Luis Retired production plant manager "Even if I am already retired, in the Mila plant in Bolzano there is always something to do for me."
dsc-7313-s Peter Yogurt production Bolzano "Constant quality checks are the most important thing for maximum quality."
dsc-7970 Gertrud Mascarpone team Brunico "I am naturally sweet just like our Mascarpone."
manuela-cs-italia Manuela Customer service "Do not give people what they want. Give them what they never dared to dream."
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