The cooperative: 2,400 South Tyrolean mountain farmer families

Mila – Bergmilch Südtirol is a cooperative with around 2,400 small-scale farms as members. Their family farms are located in the areas of South Tyrol boasting the best conditions for high-quality and sustainable milk production. Most of these farms are at over 1,000 metres above sea level. They are mostly very small farms and our farmers have an average of just 14 cows per barn. Mila farmers take great care of their pastures and fields and treat their animals with respect and devotion. This means they not only make a valuable contribution to the conservation of South Tyrolean culture and natural landscape, but also to the preservation of farming heritage and alpine traditions.

The products: focus on quality

Mila represents an extensive and exciting range of products offering high-quality enjoyment. The milk for Mila’s quality products comes from South Tyrol. It is collected 365 days a year and turned into premium products. Mila follows the highest quality and development guidelines and only uses selected ingredients for the manufacture of its products, which are real ambassadors for the South Tyrolean natural landscape.

The production: reliable and certified

Mila’s success as a brand rests on the reliably consistent high quality of each and every product. In order to achieve this quality, our two facilities in Bolzano and Brunico meet the highest international food standards, guaranteeing maximum food hygiene, production safety and full traceability.

Specific criteria apply to products with the organic and GMO-free seal, just like they do to those with a halal and hay milk certificate. Stelvio PDO cheese even has a protected designation of origin and is subjected to strict, specific controls.

The task: healthy animals and sustainable milk production

Healthy cows given good feed produce the best milk. The welfare of the animals is not simply mandatory, it is a task that is close to the hearts of the farmers who, on their small-scale farms with around 14 animals per barn, know each of their cows by name. Besides statutory animal welfare, the cows’ health is constantly monitored by vets; the farming consultants of the Sennereiverband Südtirol [South Tyrolean Dairy Association] and the Beratungsring Berglandwirtschaft [Mountain Farming Consultancy] are also on hand for any and all questions. The feed is also monitored and is, for example, GMO-free.

‘Quality over quantity’ is the motto in milk production, or: ‘less is more!’. In this vein, a scheme for area-based milk production was introduced in 2018. This promotes sustainable production with clear rules that adapt the number of animals to the available forage area.

The obligation: responsible use of resources

Mila uses resources sparingly and energy responsibly. Numerous projects for saving electricity, gas and water, for efficient waste prevention, for responsible reduction of cleaning and disinfecting products and for reducing emissions are underway.

Every year, Mila – Bergmilch Südtirol undergoes an environmental certification (ISO 14001) and an energy certification (ISO 50001) process, which is carried out by external bodies. These certifications require the company to reduce its environmental impact and consumption of energy.

Other activities:

  • Mila manages its own photovoltaic system, generating up to 260,000 kW/h every year.
  • Mila manages its own cogeneration plant (CHP) to generate its own power of up to 6.8 million kW/h and 4,000 m³ of steam every year. A second CHP is currently being planned.

The staff: social sustainability

A family-oriented and person-centred personnel policy is close to our hearts as Mila – Bergmilch Südtirol. Doing more as a team and creating a balance between work and family time is a key mission. This is why we are a member of SEDEX and also have social audits carried out. Mila – Bergmilch Südtirol also received the highest award in the ‘family and profession’ audit from the South Tyrol Familienagentur [Family Agency] and Bolzano Chamber of Commerce in 2019. These awards are given to employers that support their staff with a familyfriendly and person-centred personnel policy.

The workplace: for maximum safety

The workplace safety management is regularly monitored and further developed. Only with secured and monitored workplaces can we demonstrate appropriate appreciation for our staff and create the conditions for a pleasant working environment.