Mila wins 4 "Käsiade 2016" medals


When the Association of Professionals of the Cheese and Dairy Art every two years invites cheese experts to Hopfgarten in Tirol to the so called “Käsiade”, Mila experts are always in the front line. The Käsiade is some kind of Olympic Games for Cheese specialities and this year Mila’s participation was particularly awarded.

Mila’s know how was awarded with 4 medals:

Gold medal for the hard paste cheese made from winter milk „Gran Spicchio
Gold medal for the prestigious and naturally sweetened Mila mascarpone
Silver medal for the spicy and long maturing Alta Badia
Bronze medal for the only Mila cheese with big inoculation Dolomitenkönig

To represent our cheese and dairy farm in Hopfgarten were Mila president Joachim Reinalter, the Brunico plant responsible Othmar Kammerer, the Mila Cheese Experts Ludwig Tschurtschenthaler, Karl Guggenberger and Florian Pueland as well as Ursula Oberegger from the Mila Shop in Brunico.

The evaluation of the cheese proofs handed in for the contest takes into consideration regional peculiarities and different periods of maturation. Points are conferred by criteria of external and internal look, cheese texture as well as odour and taste. Medals are awarded according to the final score.
Mila is proud to celebrate this important moment together with its experts. The achievement testifies the high competence in the art of cheese making of our cooperative.

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