Käsiade 2021


Mila triumphs once again at “Cheese Olympics”


Recently, one of Europe's most important and globally recognized dairy product competitions took place in Hopfgarten, Austria, and brought new successes and reconfirmations of the quality of Mila products: the Käsiade 2021.

Mila has taken part in the Käsiade since the first edition in 1992,and was able to add another 3 awards to its collection this year.

Specifically, Mila not only won silver with its Mascarpone, a product that had already been awarded in the past for its creaminess and sweetness, reconfirming the quality standard demanded by consumers, but also received two golds: for the cheese with herbs, whose flavor recalls the aromas of herbs, meadows and nature, as well as for the new product launched last month, the Mila Mozzarella; which pays tribute to the excellence of Italian cuisine thanks to its full, fresh taste and a soft texture with a juicy heart.

The event’s importance and value result not only from its popularity but especially from the scrupulous analysis to which all the competing cheeses are subjected.

More than 400 products are analyzed by a large number of judges (chosen from among professional cheesemakers or internationally experienced members of the dairy industry) including Mila cheese master Ludwig Tschurtschenthaler, one of the most competent and knowledgeable figures in the company's circle of cheese specialists.

They follow a particularly meticulous and detailed process of analysis of each individual cheese before coming to a decision focusing particularly on the taste, structure, appearance and consistency of the examined products. It is a prestigious recognition to win gold but also silver or bronze, since they are separated from victory by few decimal places.

While waiting for the sixteenth edition, to be held in two years' time, Mila continues to work on the quality of its cheeses, the consumers’ demands which enjoy the delicious Mila specialties every day.

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