Hay milk Mila – now also „longer lasting“


New: hay milk "longer lasting“

The Mila hay milk range is growing, now Mila hay milk can be found "longer lasting" in refrigerated shelves - ideal for smaller households with lower milk consumption. Thanks to a new production process, it lasts longer, but the usual full-bodied taste of hay milk is retained, thanks to gentle temperature treatment. The innovative packaging comes from over 80% renewable sources. The packaging is made of FSC® certified paper and the plastic used is made of cane sugar based material.
The Mila hay milk comes from South Tyrolean mountain farms and the cows are fed with fresh grass in summer and mainly hay in winter, as well as a small amount of cereal meal in addition. Silage feed is not used at all. The hay milk production is in harmony with nature and promotes the biodiversity of meadows and fields. The hay milk is pure in taste, rich in valuable ingredients and GMO free. The European Union has awarded hay milk as traditional speciality guarateed (TSG). The production method of hay milk is precisely regulated and the rules for production are summarised in an EU regulation.