A portrait of South Tyrol's best milk supplier


Every year, the South Tyrolean Alpine Dairy Association (Federazione Latterie Alto Adige) identifies the farm whose milk has the best quality values and recognizes it with the award for the best milk supplier in the country at its general assembly. This year, the award for 2020 goes to Bernhard Schweigl from the Martergut zu Mitte farm in Ulvas, Val Passiria.

He received the news that he had delivered the best milk in the country calmly. Only the slight smile gave away his joy.

His wife Erika and their two children Tobias and Klara also live on the farm, as do his parents Anton and Rita. Bernhard is a self-employed bricklayer, so the work in the cowshed is mostly done by his father Anton, while his mother Rita is usually responsible for the cleanliness in the milk room. Erika works as a teacher.

3 hectares of steep mountain meadows have to be worked and are mowed twice. Despite the steepness, machines make the work a lot easier for the farmer family. However, the almost 3 hectares of alpine meadows at an altitude of 2,000 meters still require manual work. 4 Fleckvieh cows are responsible for the good milk. Asked about the secret of high-quality milk, Bernhard highlights good feed, good cows, diligence and the necessary bit of luck.

The milk is transported to the nearby church of Ulvas, which stands high above the valley, face to face with the mighty mountains. There is the collection point where the Mila milk pickup truck collects the fresh milk every day.

Pictures: ©South Tyrolean Alpine Dairy Association

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