South Tyrol's best milk supplier 2022


The best milk suppliers of the country in 2022 are Mila farmers Manfred and Erica Miribung and live in Val Badia.

They run their farm Les Majuns in La Valle, which is located at 1,300 meters above sea level, with a lot of passion and dedication. The steep meadows that belong to it and are cultivated by the Miribung family render the work demanding and difficult. They serve as the forage base for the 8 Fleckvieh cows, whose hay milk achieved the best quality in the country in 2022.

To verify the quality of the milk, the South Tyrolean Alpine Dairy Association (Federazione Latterie Alto Adige), among others, carries out precise analyses of the delivered raw material and ongoing quality controls in all processing phases throughout the year. Now Manfred and Erica Miribung are proud to receive the "Best Milk Supplier 2022" award.

Photo ©: South Tyrolean Alpine Dairy Association/Angelika Oberkofler

In the picture (from left to right): Mila managing director Matthias Baumgartner, Miribung family, Mila chairman Joachim Reinalter.

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