Out now: lactose-free hay milk "longer lasting"


For more than two years now, the hay milk "longer lasting" has been available as whole and semi-skimmed milk.

Now the family of our hay milk "longer lasting" is growing by one member: the lactose-free one. Adding the lactase enzyme makes this milk easier to digest. With a lactose content of < 0,01%, it can be enjoyed despite lactose intolerance. The hay milk has a full-bodied, fresh and natural flavor and thanks to a delicate temperature treatment, it lasts longer than a fresh milk.

The sustainable animal feed of the cows in harmony with nature is the main focus for the production of our hay milk. Just as it has been practiced for ages in the Alpine region, it’s adapted to the seasons. Fresh grasses, meadow herbs, and hay are on the menu as well as a small amount of cereals.

In addition, the new hay milk takes environmental aspects into account: the innovative packaging consists of more than 80% renewable raw materials. Also, the manufacture of this packaging produces up to 23% fewer CO2 emissions compared to a conventional Tetra Pak-UHT package.

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