Semi hard cheese Dolomitenkönig

The Dolomitenkönig (King of the Dolomites), the most prized and fabled of the Dolomite varieties, is made exclusively from the fresh milk of the cows from the Pustertal Valley in the Dolomites. The South Tyrolean brother of Emmental cheese has been produced since 1990 and takes its name from King Laurin, the dwarf king of the Rosengarten. Its perforated texture makes the Dolomitenkönig an eye-catcher. The cheese is encased by a slightly greasy ash-coloured rind that is dry to the touch. The rind is closed and a little rough due to the cheese-curing process. The smell of the rind is sharply pungent. The inside of the cheese is bright yellow to pale yellow, depending on the season. The cheese itself has large eyes. The round holes are the size of cherries or walnuts. The consistency on the palate is compact, though it is still soft and slightly elastic. The smell of the cheese is complex, though it tends towards slightly sweet and nutty. If the cheese is aged for longer, then this will enhance its spicy and nutty flavour.

Nutritional information for 100 g/ml

1418 kJ/341 kcal
26 g
of which saturates
19,1 g
< 0,1 g
of which sugar
< 0,1 g
of which lactose
< 0,1 g
26,8 g
1,7 g