Control is good, certification is better. We are particularly proud of the following certifications:

Quality and food safety

The success of the Mila brand is based on the consistently high quality of each individual product. Because only when all are permanently inspired by a product, it is really good. In order to achieve this quality, our two factories in Bolzano and Brunico meet the highest international food standards, guaranteeing maximum food hygiene and production safety as well as seamless traceability.

Ecological responsibility

In particular Latte Montagna Alto Adige shows respect and responsibility for the next generations of people in our country. We use resources sparingly and deal responsibly with energy. We realize numerous projects to save electricity, natural gas and water, to reduce waste efficiently, to reduce the amount of cleaning and disinfecting agents, and to reduce emissions. In addition, as a member of the Alto Adige Climate Alliance 2025, we want to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Safety at work

Our OHSAS 18001 certification ensures that our work safety management is regularly tested and further developed. Only with secured and healthy workplaces we are able to provide our employees with an appropriate appreciation and create the conditions for a pleasant working environment.

Social responsibility

For us as Latte Montagna Alto Adige the ethical and fair trade is very important. We also attach great importance to family-oriented personnel policy. For this reason, we are a member of SEDEX and also carry out social audits. In addition, we hold the family and profession certificate of the province of Bolzano.
Product certifications

We offer organic, non-GMO as well as Halal certified products. We also produce the cheese Stelvio with a protected designation of origin (PDO). Therefore, we are subjected to strict and specific controls.