We are farmers by conviction: we milk our cows in the morning and evening. Then we immediately cool the milk down to 4-8°C. Every morning milk collection trucks take the milk from our farms via the shortest route to the Mila plants in Bolzano and Brunico. The milk is tested for quality at the plant.

If the quality is perfect, the milk is heated for 15-30 seconds to 72°C and then cooled immediately. This is called pasteurization. Vitamins and other valuable ingredients are preserved while pathogenic germs are eliminated. During the subsequent homogenization process, the milk is put under mechanical pressure and the number of milk fat globules is reduced so that the milk does not cream and is easier to digest.
The milk is skimmed in a centrifuge during the third step. This is how cream is completely separated from the skimmed milk. All kinds of dairy products can be produced from this separation process. It also enables the desired fat content per product to be adjusted.