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Mila Production Sites: Bolzano & Brunico

Mila Production Sites: Bolzano & BrunicoBergmilch Südtirol has two production sites that specialise in making specific dairy products and are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The Bolzano plant manufactures yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, probiotic yoghurt, fresh milk, UHT milk, and butter.

The Brunico plant produces table cheeses, green grana, fresh cheese, mascarpone, and cream.

Mila processes its milk – which is delivered fresh every day direct from South Tyrol’s alpine dairies – in a series of production phases that differ depending on the facility and the type of products made there.
Stilfser Cheese D.O.P. Alta Badia Table Cheeses Lagrein Weinkäse herb cheese Bela Badia Lowfat Yoghurt Lowfat Yoghurt Whole Milk Yoghurt Whole Milk Yoghurt Whole Milk Yoghurt Yoghurt Duo Snack Pack Yoghurt Duo Snack Pack Yoghurt Drink mascarpone Fresh Milk Fresh Milk: Alta Qualita UHT Milk Fresh milk Bio Lactose-free skimmed milk Butter Butter Cream Cheese mascarpone
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